Monthly Recap | March Edition DexToro

While Bitcoin experiences a period of consolidation below its all-time highs, DexToro has been moving in one direction over the past month — UP!

Monthly Recap | March Edition DexToro


While Bitcoin experiences a period of consolidation below its all-time highs, DexToro has been moving in one direction over the past month — UP!

With record-breaking trading volume, a successful token sale, improved UI/UX features, and partnerships with industry leaders, DexToro continues to prove itself as a top contender in the world of decentralized derivatives trading.

Let's take a closer look at some of DexToro's recent updates and achievements.

Key March Milestones and Updates

March was DexToro's best trading month yet! The monthly trading volume climbed 120% to surpass $15 million, with total trading volume reaching $25 million. This milestone shows the growing demand for decentralized derivatives trading and the growing trust traders have in DexToro's platform.

Trading volumes may have increased, but fees on DexToro were reduced by roughly 25% due to Ethereum's successful EIP-4844 upgrade. These reduced fees make trading on DexToro even more accessible and affordable for traders of all levels.

The pre-seed round gave DexToro a strong start, but to become the top decentralized derivatives exchange across ALL chains, the team decided a second-chance ICO (Initial Coin Offering) was necessary.

This exclusive DTORO token sale will allow DexToro to:

  • Proceed with our plans for multichain
  • Build deep liquidity for a stable volatility of our token
  • Fuel DexToro development
  • Launch a major marketing campaign
  • Get listed on CEXs

While March was full of success and record-breaking milestones for DexToro, the team was not resting on its laurels. Instead, it conducted audits on its smart contract and initiated a full penetration test to ensure the highest level of security for users.

DexToro Platform Improvements

DexToro has implemented an "Estimated Gain/Loss" feature that calculates and displays the estimated profit or loss that traders can expect before executing a trade. This allows traders to adjust their positions accordingly and make more informed decisions.

To further inform traders on the market trends, DexToro updated the Dune Dashboard to include real-time monitoring of DTORO prices, live tracking of new DTORO wallets, and a one-year overview of trades conducted on DexToro.

The DTORO token has achieved verification status on Etherscan! Those who want to know more about DTORO can now find all the necessary information on the most trusted blockchain explorer.

DexToro Company Updates

DexToro received an official Startup Pass to attend the prestigious Consensus2024 conference, held on May 29 - 31, 2024, in Austin, Texas. This provides an excellent opportunity for the team to collaborate with other blockchain startups, network with renowned VCs, and discuss the latest decentralized finance developments.

But the team wouldn't wait until the conference to make new connections. DexToro recently announced a strategic partnership with Innovate Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on investing in "the future" of each industry. Watch this space!

CoinGecko now tracks DexToro on its list of Derivatives Exchanges! CoinGecko users can see full details of DexToro's volume, open interest, liquidity, highest-volume trading pairs, and more. This recognition from CoinGecko further solidifies DexToro's position in the DeFi space and increases the platform's visibility.

Continuing with the theme of increased visibility, DexToro was also listed on CoinMarketCap, one of the most popular platforms for tracking crypto prices. This listing provides traders easy access to real-time DTORO price data, trading volume, and more.

DexToro announced the launch of its Ambassador Program! Enthusiastic community members and influencers can join the program to promote DexToro on social media, manage local meetups, and bring new users to the platform. Apply today!

What to expect next

Our roadmap is updated in real-time and provides a detailed overview on the future of DexToro.

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