General Overview of DexToro

Derivatives trading is no longer a CEXs game. DexToro, the new derivatives trading platform that offers perpetual features, opens new avenues for on-chain trading.

General Overview of DexToro


  • DexToro is a decentralized perpetual features platform built on Optimism
  • Trading with infinite liquidity and zero slippage on a perpetual decentralized exchange
  • The Smart Wallets is a proprietary product of DexToro to access on-chain trading tools...
  • DTORO is the utility token of DexToro, which can be used for staking and earning trading rewards

Derivatives trading is no longer a CEXs game. DexToro, the new derivatives trading platform that offers perpetual features, opens new avenues for on-chain trading. Despite the decentralized nature of crypto, traders are still using centralized exchanges, which have proved to be a liability for crypto trading whales.

DexToro is the on-chain decentralized perpetual features trading protocol that uses a peer-to-contract trading model. And we're not just another trading protocol with the same limitations. Instead, DexToro has integrated with the Synthetix protocol to offer frictionless and decentralized trading

The era of centralized derivatives trading is slowly coming to an end. Rightfully so, it's replaced by programmable smart contract trading that is transparent, auditable, and secure!

How DexToro Stands Out In The Crypto Market

DexToro stands out in the derivatives trading market by developing their trading platform on Optimism, a layer two solution on Ethereum. Large transaction batches on Optimism make creating and offering cheaper transactions possible, which is necessary in DeFi. DexToro has two features which make it stand out. It’s Peer-To-Contract trading model (P2C) and the Smart Wallet to facilitate on-chain trading.

Built on top of the Synthetix protocol, any trader can access the debt pool provided by Synthetix and interact with the new trade engine. With that, traders can use zero slippage and infinite liquidity to engage the P2C model and trade. DexToro is using the P2C model to remove price impact on trades and make trading seamless and near-instant. Unlike centralized trading platforms, DexToro’s protocol isn’t interacting with order books or fetching prices from a single source, which gives DexToro’s users protection against scam wicks and price manipulation. This enables users to trade using multiple instruments with no spread, no slippage which helps keep fees low and not influence current market prices. But how?

That's where Smart Wallets come into play. It's a dApp using smart contracts to execute transactions on DexToro. Users trading on the platform will only use their Smart Wallet to interact with trading tools. This means every trader will open, close, long, or short positions through the smart wallet.

How the Smart Wallet works is different from traditional smart contracts. Yes, smart wallets contain contracts with pre-established terms and conditions upon which they execute actions. The wallet has both EOAs or smart contracts accessible through private keys and Contract Accounts. The latter don't include private keys and are only accessible by code. Simply put, it's how traders can place orders on-chain and making them a secure trading tool because they are entirley managed by code

Everything on DexToro is transparent. Smart Wallet addresses are verifiable on EtherScan. As such, Smart Wallet is a tool to increase asset security and provide transaction transparency. More than that, it automatically executes advanced trading orders without requiring unauthorized access from third parties. As a result, DexToro doesn't interact with any centralized authority to facilitate the trade.

DexToro Trading Overview

Trading on DexToro is a seamless experience. Crypto traders can navigate the interface. We've developed the UI to increase familiarity with other trading tools and make it a seamless process. Each trade offers market orders and advanced orders.

By integrating perpetual futures commonly found on CEXs, traders can leverage complete decentralization on previously inaccessible futures markets. The Smart Wallet function makes it possible for traders to use Limit/Stop Orders, Take Profit/Stop Loss Orders, or Market close positions.

Only Long or Short positions must be signed on the wallet. Any actions executed by the smart contract to protect capital or take profits are automatically triggered on Contract Accounts.

The Synthetix Protocol sets trading fees on any order. Maker and Taker fees have two bps and ten bps, which are sent to the AMM and the P2C contract. As a result, you're able to trade with zero slippage and unlimited liquidity through the Synthetix pool. DexToro made it so all fees and slippage are transparent and available to traders before taking a position.

The DTORO Token

DTORO is the pillar token of the DexToro ecosystem and fuels trader rewards on-chain. There are 35 million DTORO tokens (as of 12/24/23), with three main utilities: staking, trading rewards, and governance. Users can vote on protocol development to address shortcomings and improve the platform's performance.

As mentioned, all traders can receive DTORO rewards if they use the platform. The more traders are using DexToro to trade on-chain, the higher the rewards will be - which are calculated as a percentage of the total fees.

DTORO tokens can also be staked as the platform implements a revenue-sharing mechanism. Users staking tokens get a share of the total revenue generated by DexToro via the 4-year inflationary token model. All tokenomics are balanced to support the long-term vision of the protocol.

Future developments of DexToro

We're actively working to improve your trading experience, and we will continue to add new features and onboard more users to the DexToro platform. A referral program is in the works to help with our future marketing plans. 1 click trading is also in the works, which will reduce trade execution speed by over 50%. Both of these upcoming features are set to be completed by the end of January 2024.

About DexToro

DexToro’s mission is to democratize access to financial opportunity. 

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