DexToro May Recap

DexToro has once again surpassed the previous month's trading record, reaching an astounding $26.1M in cumulative trading volume for May.

DexToro May Recap

It has been another crazy month in the crypto world: $PEPE climbed over 100% in value, the SEC approved a spot $ETH ETF, and we saw over $26.1M in cumulative trading volume on DexToro.

But how was this such an impactful month for DexToro specifically? Let's dive into our May recap to discover what we've been up to and why trading volume has surged.

Key May Milestones and Updates

DexToro has once again surpassed the previous month's trading record, reaching an astounding $26.1M in cumulative trading volume for May. This remarkable 65.45% increase from April marks the sixth consecutive month of trading volume growth.

Since we started recording in November 2023, the total volume of trades processed on DexToro has exceeded $70M. Do you have any guesses about when we will hit the $100M milestone?

On May 31st, $5.66M in trading volume was processed on DexToro β€” the highest daily volume since our launch. As traders discover the benefits of our lightning-fast Peer-to-Contract DEX, we expect this trend to continue.

Consensus 2024, the largest annual blockchain and cryptocurrency conference, occurred in Austin, Texas, from May 29th to 31st. The DexToro team was in attendance to network with other DeFi leaders and gain valuable insights into the future of the blockchain industry.

This event provided an excellent opportunity to network with other DeFi leaders, gain valuable insights into the future of the blockchain industry, and engage in face-to-face conversations with our users. The positive feedback we received has further motivated us to create the best DEX possible for our growing community.

DexToro Platform Improvements

Creating the best DEX means constantly improving our platform to provide the best user experience. In this spirit, we recently upgraded our UI, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.

Here's a quick rundown of some of the changes we've made:

  • Added a Free Collateral element to the portfolio tab
  • Upgraded the share and close buttons
  • Upgraded the font to Relative Mono font style

As we prepare to migrate our product to v2 on @base, expect even more UI improvements that will make trading on DexToro even smoother and more enjoyable.

Pushing the boundaries of DeFi innovation is only meaningful if we can guarantee the security of the DexToro platform. We are proud to have passed 13 rigorous audits by trusted organizations such as CredShields and SolidityScan.

The Smart Wallet Factory, Referral Program, our native $DTORO token, and other features have all been thoroughly checked to ensure the safety and security of our users' assets. Rest assured that your assets are safe on DexToro.

DexToro Company Updates

DexToro's commitment to providing top-notch DeFi services has not gone unnoticed. We are thrilled to announce that our platform has been listed on Alchemy's Dapp Store, showcasing the industry's best decentralized applications.

Listed as one of the "Best Decentralized Derivatives" is an achievement we are extremely proud of, and we will continue to work hard to maintain this recognition.

While we have been listed on CoinMarketCap for some time, achieving verification on their community page is a significant milestone for DexToro. This verification further showcases our legitimacy and trustworthiness as a DeFi platform.

In May, DexToro held a hugely successful airdrop trading competition, rewarding loyal users with a share of a massive $60,000 $DTORO prize pool. Users could win multiple prizes for various achievements, such as placing a futures trade, referring a friend, and depositing $100.

The competition ran for three weeks, and we were delighted to see our community come together and participate in the event. It was a great success, and we plan to hold similar events in the future to engage with our users and reward them for their support.

Build it, and they will come. Our hard work is paying off as more and more people in the crypto world are noticing DexToro's innovative approach to decentralized derivatives trading.

For example, the Crypto Legends YouTube channel recently featured a video about DexToro, highlighting our platform's unique features and advantages. This exposure is invaluable in spreading the word about DexToro and attracting new users.

We are honored to have caught Crypto Legends' attention and look forward to more coverage as we continue to grow and improve our platform.

What to Expect Next

DexToro is releasing a brand-new feature called β€œProfile”.

Your profile on DexToro will display your important trading metrics, staking rewards, and referral rewards, all in one beautifully designed page with the ability to share your profile URL with anyone. This is only version 1 of the DexToro profile, expecting launch within the next few days.

Our seed round is now in process. Here is a quick overview:

We are raising $5 million to reach $100 million+ in daily trading volume by 2025 and onboard 1M+ users.

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