DexToro June Recap

While the market stumbled in June, DexToro sprinted ahead. We shattered trading volume records, supercharged our product suite, and rolled out game-changing platform upgrades.

DexToro June Recap

While the market stumbled in June, DexToro sprinted ahead. We shattered trading volume records, supercharged our product suite, and rolled out game-changing platform upgrades.

Ready to dive into the details? Let's explore the milestones that made June a landmark month for DexToro.

Key June Milestones and Updates

In our biggest move yet, DexToro has completed its transformation into a full-fledged blockchain protocol. This groundbreaking transition, finalized just months after our seed round launched, opens permissionless derivatives trading to a global audience.

Our comprehensive suite of products now includes:

  • On-chain self-custodial derivatives exchange
  • Collateral-backed dUSD stablecoin
  • Liquidity for permissionless derivatives
  • DexToro smart wallet
  • Self-hosted crypto wallet
  • Enterprise solutions

With this transition, we are closer than ever to realizing our vision of democratizing access to financial opportunities. It's an exciting time to be a part of the DexToro community!

We burned 1.1 tokens on June 11th via our smart contract. This strategic burn kicks off our deflationary roadmap, aimed at curbing inflation and amplifying value for loyal token holders. Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming burn schedule β€” we're just getting warmed up!

On June 14th, we shattered our previous 24-hour trading volume record, hitting an impressive $6.3 million! This surge in activity generated a smooth $2,551 in trading fees that DexToro Liquidity stakers will receive as a reward once Liquidity is launched.

On June 21st, DexToro traders shattered the $100 million barrier in total trading volume! This monumental milestone showcases the growing demand for decentralized derivatives trading and underscores our community's unwavering trust in DexToro.

The next target? $1 billion!

DexToro Platform Improvements

We're thrilled to unveil our latest platform enhancement: real-time trading volume stats and open interest tracking! Now you can:

  • Monitor trading volume over the past 24 hours
  • Get a live peek into current open interest on DexToro

These powerful new features give you deeper market insights, helping you make more informed trading decisions. It's all part of our commitment to continually improve your trading experience.

Our latest UI enhancement brings smooth transitions to the search bar, making DexToro feel even more welcoming and intuitive. These subtle yet powerful effects do more than just look goodβ€”they're designed to make you feel right at home on our platform.

We've just turbocharged our smart wallet with a game-changing upgrade! By joining forces with Gelato, we've catapulted our conditional orders into a new dimension of efficiency. Now, stop-loss (SL), take-profit (TP), and other advanced trading features execute with laser precision.

We're pulling back the curtain on DexToro's inner workings! We've just added a sleek visual of our Liquidity Core System Architecture to our documentation. This isn't just eye candy β€” it's your roadmap to understanding the beating heart of our platform.

You should have a transparent view of your assets' movements, and now you do! DexToro's new Transfers feature lets you track all on-chain deposits and withdrawals directly on the platform. This user-friendly addition gives you full visibility of your fund flows, putting you in complete control.

Last but not least, we've rolled out User's Profile v1 on DexToro! This powerful new feature gives you a comprehensive view of your trading activity and performance. Now, you can easily track your history, analyze your strategies, and make more informed decisions.

DexToro Company Updates

Enhancing features is just part of the equation. That's why we're excited to announce DexToro's inclusion in the nReach web3 database. This powerful platform bridges innovative projects like ours with the broader Web3 community, significantly boosting our visibility.

As we evolve, this listing will play a crucial role in showcasing DexToro's advanced trading features to a wider community of crypto enthusiasts. It's another step forward in our mission to democratize access to sophisticated financial tools and propel us toward greater decentralization.

What to Expect Next

Our $5m Seed Round is expected to close very soon. Once closed, expect to see DTORO go cross-chain on Mainnet. A portion of the capital raised will be used to establish a healthy, efficient, and highly liquid market for DTORO across numerous decentralized and centralized exchanges. DexToro Liquidity and DexToro stablecoin dUSD will follow, DexToro Exchange will migrate to use Liquidity.

Once we own our entire ecosystem, our master plan to take the majority share of the on-chain derivatives market slowly unfolds.

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