As Bitcoin is breaking all-time highs, we're positioning ourselves as the leading perpetual derivatives trading platform, and people are taking notice!


As Bitcoin is breaking all-time highs, we're positioning ourselves as the leading perpetual derivatives trading platform, and people are taking notice!

We're eager to share how DexToro is developing, as we have several exciting new updates that have just come out in February. Here's what you can expect:

  • New DexToro trading volume records
  • Affiliate and referral program developments
  • Advisors joining DexToro to build our reputation

Let's jump right into it!

Key February Milestones

February was DexToro's best trading month yet. Our monthly trading volume increased by 250% to a whopping 7.1 million - breaking a new trading volume record. Back in January, we hinted at reaching 10 million in trading volume, and we were close!

Daily trading volume broke past the million mark as Bitcoin continues to rally. On February 29th, it reached 1.68 million, with trading fees spiking to $2,000 in a single day.

As trading volume increased, so did the number of active users and transactions. By February, we breezed past 500 DTORO token holders and registered 7,000 transactions on-chain. This is just the beginning of the DTORO token, as we launched a new pair for DTORO/WETH on Uniswap V3.

We successfully deployed two pairs, JTO and ORDI, which were previously announced in January. The maximum leverage available for the newly added tokens is 25x, and you can find technical information on the new pairs in our guide HERE.

Two important developments were released on DexToro to help expand the reach of DexToro within the trading community. The main one is the Affiliate Program, where early adopters and active DexToro traders can earn commissions.

You can create unique codes and earn 5% rebate from their trading rewards and traders who claim your code can earn boosted DTORO trading rewards when staking.

With carefully deployed updates and trading volume, we outperformed other competitors in the trading space! But we're not done yet!

DexToro Platform Improvements

We made an essential tweak to our platform's functionality by implementing the unique referral code to all your trading stickers. You can now share your profitable trades on social media and have others join with your affiliate code.

We added a new feature to track realized profits and losses in the portfolio section. By clicking History, you can have real-time access to your open positions and past trades. This helps track your progress over time and observe the low funding rates.

To keep users in the loop of what DexToro is doing, we've created an updated version of our roadmap covering 2024 to 2025. It takes you through what we've already achieved and shows a high-level overview of our goals. Our ecosystem roadmaps cover marketing efforts, our push towards liquidity-as-a-service, and our TOROS blockchain!

We build DexToro to become a decentralized perpetual leader, outperforming existing protocols with cheaper transactions. We're offering 50% cheaper trading fees for BTC trading than GMX while being able to execute trades without failures - unlike others.

Company Updates

Company-wide, we're continuously improving to ensure DexToro has all the tools it needs to succeed. Our community has grown exponentially, reaching over 3,000 followers on X and getting constant engagements.

Julian Kuschner joined DexToro as our new strategic advisor to aid our growth. Julian has learned from high-profile individuals, including Richard Branson, and he's bringing his business development and marketing experience to DexToro.

Our pre-seed targeting strategic advisors and angel investors ended on February 29th. With over 75% completed, we're ready to kickstart our marketing efforts in 2024 successfully.

Finally, the Optimism Demo days were a success! We presented the DexToro trading platform in front of over 160,000 users from the Optimism Discord community. We successfully attracted new Optimism native users to the DexToro platform in early February.

What to expect next

Our focus is on finalizing two developments that will increase DexToro's trust in the DeFi space.

  • First is the CredShields/SolidityScan audit to guarantee platform security - Completed
  • Second is the 1-Click-Trading deployment to streamline trades and make trading accessible and easier for everyone
  • Third is the DTORO CoinMarketCap listing

DexToro will never stop growing as we're committed to building the future decentralized derivatives trading platform. We're delivering a secure, reliable, and fast trading platform, and our achievements in the past couple of months are a testament to our dedication.

A lot more is coming, so stay tuned for more updates this month!

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