Dextoro December 2023 Recap

2023 was the year DexToro launched the superior decentralized perpetual trading platform powered by a new P2C trading engine. December was one of the most eventful thus far for DexToro!!

Dextoro December 2023 Recap

2023 was the year DexToro launched the superior decentralized perpetual trading platform powered by a new P2C trading engine. December was one of the most eventful thus far for DexToro!!

From improving the user experience, raising new capital, and getting mentioned by the biggest crypto Youtubers to launching DTORO on CoinW and having over 100+ traders, DexToro is growing!

In 2024, DexToro will become the number one Decentralized Derivatives Protocol. Until then, let's rewind to follow our December journey, where many milestones have been reached!

If you haven't been listening to our weekly YouTube recap videos, this is the best way to stay up to date with our announcements and development!

Key December Milestones and Updates

In a month, from December 1st to December 31st, the platform has increased its trading volume from $2 million to $10 million. This was achieved without paid marketing since all marketing activities will start once the affiliate system is deployed.

The number of active traders on DexToro has also increased to over 100+ active traders performing over 1,500+ trades. To increase the transparency of our data, our CTO launched a Dune Analytics dashboard where everyone can track the platform's activities. You can see data, including Smart Wallet transactions, total trading fees, and volume.

DexToro launched on a new crypto exchange with added liquidity, which helped us reach these milestones. On December 8th, DTORO launched on CoinW with a USDT pairing. New liquidity was added to the Uniswap V3 trading pool to let users trade DTORO on-chain without CEX interaction. As a result, DTORO reached new users, which was reflected in December's price action.

Even though we don't discuss prices, ICO investors might want to know this. At the time of writing, $DTORO is trading at $0.7451. The price increased from the ICO price of $0.1 to a high of $0.938 per token at the end of 2023.

In-house DexToro launched 9 new perpetual trading pairs on DexToro, which increases the total trading pairs to 83. The new pairs that have been added are TRB, TIA, IMX, FET, BONK, GRT, PYTH, ANKR, and MEME. We can find more information about each pair's marker/taker pricing in our blog post.

Crypto isn't the only asset that's available to trade. We have introduced several other trading markets, such as forex and commodities. In 2024, we will introduce tokenized stocks to grow our markets and offer traders more options.

DexToro User Experience Improvements For Better Trading

The Staking pool on DexToro is live. You can now stake your DTORO at a base APR of 60%. You can automatically add DTORO tokens to the staking pool. The APR payout isn't fixed, and yield decreases as more tokens are added to the staking pool. We revamped the new interface to show how much you stake and your claimable amount.

Most of the developments have been done on the user experience, and we added new features to the trade portfolio section. In your dashboard, you'll be able to see your portfolio value, PNL, Spot, Smart Wallet balances, and open options.

To make trading seamless, we added new features to the trading dashboard. We added a leverage slider to help adjust your leverage and deposit and withdrawal buttons for quick fund access.

The charting section got a new update as well. You can now switch between the charting and funding screens to analyze the funding rates of particular tokens.

Sharing PnL and trading wins is also possible on DexToro. You can create digital cards with your position, win size, and exit price. These can be shared with anyone on social media or our Discord community in the "Profits'' channel.

In preparation for the next 1,000 traders on DexToro, we're working on a quick export tool. You'll be able to export all your trades in CSV format.

What should you be looking out for? After improving the UI and trading model, our focus, which we announced in December, is the deployment of two features

  • Decentralized trading affiliate program
  • One-click trading tool for instant trading

DexToro Company Updates

Our team is growing! In December, we hired an in-house social media manager and community manager, KR. He's managing all our social media communication and is an on-chain blockchain analyst with lots of alpha potential!

We also hired an experienced content writer to help our content output, and you can expect more blog posts about DexToro in 2024.

We're active on social media. You can get company updates from Twitter, YouTube, and Discord, and recently, we started being active on LinkedIn. You can now access all our channels from our Beacon link, which gives you access to our official links!

Weekly recap videos are here to stay! Every week, our YouTube channel will be updated with a new video where our CEO will discuss and show you all our recent updates, news, and achievements! At the end of each month, we'll have a monthly recap post - like this one highlighting the most important news and updates.

We submitted applications to add DTORO to CoinGecko and CoinMarketcap. You can track the tokens on CoinGecko under the DTORO ticker, but CoinMarketCap approval will take longer until it's fully visible.

We authorized a smart contract audit from SolidityScan by CredShields to ensure our platform is secure! The report shows DexToro platform earned a 90.83 score, which can be verified on our website under Security Audits.

Lastly, our two public ICO rounds sold out in less than 24 hours. We raised a total of $150,000 at $0.10 a token. This indicates the community fully backs DexToro's goals and is excited to use the next-generation Decentralized Derivatives Protocol platform!

What should you be looking out for? We're preparing for a new pre-seed run at a valuation between $8 and $10 million. The funding round will include VC, Web3 founders, and angel investors with strong ties to the crypto space. So watch out for that!

What do we have in store for January of 2024?

DexToro is still building, and in 2024, we're picking up the pace! Here's what's expected:

  • Announcement of the new seed round targeting Venture Capitalists and Web3 investors
  • Developing the groundwork for our own liquidity protocol and liquidity pools and moving away from Synthetix.
  • Increasing our activity on social media channels with organic marketing
  • More exposure in the media as DexToro increases the number of users
  • Updates on the one-click trading and referral program to enhance the platform's functionality and user experience
  • A new security audit by the leading Web3 audit firm, Certik potentially
  • Trading rewards rollout with new ways of earning DTORO

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