DexToro April Recap

The market may be experiencing a downturn, but that didn't stop DexToro from making huge strides and solidifying its position as a leading perp DEX during April.

DexToro April Recap

The market may be experiencing a downturn, but that didn't stop DexToro from making huge strides and solidifying its position as a leading perp DEX during April.

Record-breaking trading volume, exciting marketing initiatives, and successful token sales are just a few of the highlights from last month. Let's take a look at what made April such an eventful month for DexToro.

Key April Milestones and Updates

April was DexToro's best trading month yet! The monthly trading volume peaked at $15,814,998 as word spread about the platform's innovative features and user-friendly interface.

Notably, this was the fifth month in a row that DexToro saw an increase in trading volume! And with more traders joining the platform daily, we are confident this trend will continue.

But the monthly trading volume wasn't the only record to break in April. DexToro also saw a new all-time high in 24-hour trading volume, surpassing $4.20 million on April 29th. It looks like traders took advantage of the new DexToro 1CT feature during increased market volatility.

DexToro's recent token sale with the House of Crypto Inner Circle Community was a resounding success, raising $242,000 through selling 1,210,000 DTORO tokens.

Combined with the $150,000 from ICO and $90,000 from the pre-seed round, DexToro has now secured $500,000 in funding to become the top decentralized derivatives exchange across ALL chains.

DexToro Platform Improvements

DexToro users can now place orders with a single click! No more MetaMask pop-ups or wallet confirmations while trying to get that perfect entry — phew!

Simply enable 1CT on your DexToro account to enjoy a CEX-like trading experience on a decentralized platform that maximizes security.

The DexToro Rewards Dashboard has been made even more user-friendly and intuitive. Users can see all the important information at a glance, including the total amount of DTORO staked, total staking pool fees, and the option to claim or compound rewards.

DexToro strives to be the most accessible and user-friendly decentralized derivatives platform. That's why we removed the 0.01 ETH minimum balance requirement for placing trades with conditional orders (stop loss and take profit). Now, users can get started with just 0.0003 ETH / $1 in ETH inside their wallet.

This decision was made after listening to our community's feedback, and we believe it will make trading on DexToro even more inclusive for all users.

Placing stop-loss and take-profit orders on DexToro no longer requires users to have ETH in their wallet. Now, users can concentrate on finding the perfect exit point without worrying about gas fees. We've got you covered!

DexToro Company Updates

Hot off the press! DexToro has partnered with Defiant News, a leading source of news and analysis in the decentralized finance space. DexToro will be featured in every newsletter published by Defiant News throughout the entire month of April.

This is an exciting opportunity for us to reach a wider audience and showcase what makes DexToro stand out in the world of decentralized derivatives trading. We are thrilled to be working with the team at Defiant News and look forward to sharing more updates with our community.

The partnerships keep coming! We are excited to announce our collaboration with Coinband, a leading marketing agency in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

DexToro may be breaking usage records each month, but it's time to truly go parabolic. The goal is to become a global leader in decentralized derivatives trading, and this partnership with Coinband will help us achieve that goal even faster. Stay tuned for more updates on our marketing efforts.

As part of our ongoing efforts to maintain a healthy and sustainable economy on DexToro, we have changed our inflation model to reflect the following diversions:

  • Treasury: 40%
  • Stakers: 40%
  • Trading Rewards: 20%

Repositing 20% toward the treasury has reduced APR by over 10%. This move is part of our ongoing plans to reduce inflation by implementing a burning mechanism. DexToro is building for the long term, and we are committed to creating a strong and sustainable economy for our community.

What to Expect Next

  • Our first official marketing campaign, month 1 with CoinBand, begins in May.
  • DexToro Liquidity and the DexToro Stablecoin dUSD has been successfully built and deployed on testnet and locally. After our Seed Round, which kicks off at Consensus, we begin to migrate DexToro Exchange to v2, which will be on the Base chain. DexToro Liquidity will be deployed on either Ethereum Mainnet or Base, we are still debating this internally. Expect a massive $1m+ starting liquidity injection into dUSD, listing dozens of new Forex pairs and US equities. DexToro Liquidity will bring the DTORO token additional utility by offering incentives to stake, provide liquidity and mint dUSD. Of course the most popular collateral assets will be ETH and USDT. The talks of upgrading our Smart Wallet and possibly offloading some trade execution functions offchain, which will enable DexToro to be faster and more secure than all DEXs and CEXs.
  • The updates in this section, “What to Expect Next,” if you can guess, were made by Nick.

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